Why I Will Always Love Paper Books

Why does anyone love anything?

Think about it: why do you love the things you love? Try to answer that question in a clear and logical way.

It’s hard, right? But just because you can’t write a detailed list about why you love what you love doesn’t mean the love is any less real.

Take my love of paper books for example. I love those print monsters. I have quite a collection of them, and every time I pack up and move somewhere new I have to carry them around. Any of you who have had to pack and carry boxes full of books know how deceivingly heavy they are. My collection is strictly based on personal value. I’ve gotten rid of books I never read or didn’t like. There’s no use in keeping things that don’t add to your life — especially when you have to literally carry them around. So the print bricks I carry made the cut, they are those I actually care for.



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